Wednesday 11 April 2012

Silvestru's Global Flood: Part three: Monterey Canyon

This is part of a longer post about Silvestru's video containing evidence for a Global Flood.  I chose to break up the posts so that individual claims can be better discussed.  The video can be found here:

Note that the video starts with about thirty minutes of introduction.  I believe the original poster of the video has left some suggestions of where to start watching to skip the intro.

In this post, at 1:04 Silvestru says, "What about a canyon - or gorge - in the ocean - deeper and longer than the Grand Canyon. Monterey Canyon  - California. The ocean doesn't flow. Evolutionists keep a low profile. - They don't even talk about it."

Let's ignore the condescending opinion.  I guess evolutionists don't talk much about it, but geologists seem to.

Here is the abstract of Robert Lloyd's master's thesis:
Evidence is presented that indicates that Monterey Submarine Canyon was once the terminus of a major land drainage system. This pre-existing drainage system is not in evidence today because it has been altered by displacement along the San Andreas Fault. A numerical model based on conservation of mass and plate tectonic reconstruction is utilized to reconstruct the topography of the region as it appeared prior to onset of motion along the San Andreas Fault. Model results indicate that the Colorado River may have drained into Monterey Bay during early Miocene time. (Author)

Elsewhere, this is described as 'the dominant theory'.  I'm out of my league here, but at the very least, geologists do talk and write about this.

One Problem with Silvestru's claim is that the Monterey Canyon, in his scenario, would never be on the surface.  If "the ocean doesn't flow" and his mechanism keeps that area underwater, how can it be a sign of a global flood?  Indeed, as Silvestru needs the ocean floor to buckle and pour water over the land, he also needs this canyon to flow in the opposite direction for at least half the time.

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