Friday 20 September 2013

Yes, Christianity is at least a little anti-science

I'm going to weasel a little in this post but let's start with the premise.  Many Christian websites and leaders suggest that atheists consider them anti science. For example, CARM, Faithfacts, Answers in Genesis.

I personally find creationists and organizations, like the above AIG, to be anti science but I think I can start with the easy claim that most Christians should find many Christians anti science.  Here's the weaseling: Evolution-wise, Christians come in three main groups: Evolution-accepting, Young Earth Creationist and Old Earth Creationist.  I don't know how big any of these groups is or percent of the total they take up but it seems that Christians must see at least two major portions of their religion as anti science.

Away with the weaseling.  Here are more, and more concrete data:
Many evangelicals believe prayer cures mental health issues.  Related: Should Christians take Antidepressants? At this church, people had to be reminded to get vaccinated and not merely trust to God to protect them from disease.. Note that I have left out what I think are fringe beliefs about blood transfusions and the few parents who have recently been given jail time for refusing to take their children to the hospital.

I can't say for sure about individual Christians, but Christianity itself, these days, is no sure proponent of science.
Added much later: And creationists outright state their opposition to science:
"For example, as a Christian, my faith becomes the focus if evolution is the subject. Facts are notwithstanding."
Mike Fair, R-Greenville, represents District 6 in the S.C. Senate.
To be fair, Mike Fair is not any kind of scientist (nor am I) but his statement is typical of creationists - evidence doesn't matter.

Similarly, many creationists at AIG seem to think taking chemotherapy is denying God.  They are denying the power of science to help people (AIG, Facebook)
From the Facebook link:
"yes, it means the Holy Spirit has been unable to show you how evil the Cancer industry is, and Alleopathy in general. Chemotherapy is the biggest sham ever pulled on world. almost all MD's believe in evolution, revealing their blindness-- how could we trust their ideas and ways with something as serious as cancer?"
" If you believe in the Book of Enoch, then you know it was not God who gave us the knowledge of medicine, but the fallen angels. And what better way to take man's faith in God away than to make them masters of their own survival? Why do we need God when we have medicine, science, and technology? Soon we will master God's code (DNA) and will become God's ourselves. Wow! Sounds very familiar (Satan's promise to Eve?). Be careful who and what you put your trust and faith in. As has been stated before, God does not need medicine to cure us."


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