Tuesday 30 June 2015

misconceptions about evolutionary trees

The article from NCSE can be found here.  The image below has been cropped; to see the full image and a lot more, follow the link.

Dang it, I can't find Dawkins' quote that went along the lines of 'The ----, a limbless worm, is our exact evolutionary equal and just as evolved as humans'.
Whadoyaknow?  I covered the same subject in 2012.  Dawkins said, "Lancelets are live creatures, our exact contemporaries.  They are modern animals who have had exactly the same time as we have in which to evolve.  Another telltale phrase is 'a side branch, off the main line of evolution.'  All living animals are side branches.  No line of evolution is more 'main' than any other, except with the conceit of hindsight. "
From Wikipedia.

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